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Kitsap County Auditor

Welcome to the Kitsap County Auditor's index of recorded documents from January, 1987 to the present. The index is updated regularly and is a work in progress and presented as a service to the public.

As a result of our Single-Item Flow process, all documents are indexed at the time of recording.

The records can be accessed by:

  • Name - Enter Last Name first, no comma, then First Name. If the name is Mac Donald as the last name, enter it in without spaces.
  • Date - Enter transaction or approximate date.
  • Tax Parcel Number - Enter without dashes. Parcel number is 14 digits.
  • Property Description - Enter plat name, lot and block; Section, Township, Range and quarter/quarter.
  • Document Type - A list of all recorded documents is accessible by un-checking the box to the left of 'Search All Types'.

The images that are contained on this web site have not been certified as being true and correct copies of the instruments filed and recorded with the Kitsap County Auditor. The County Auditor makes no representation, warranty or guarantee concerning the accuracy or reliability of the content at this site, or any other site to which we link, and does not assume accuracy of the data produced and published. Assessing accuracy and reliability of the information contained on this site is solely the responsibility of the user.

Visit us at "" for fee schedules and instructions for submitting a request for a certified copy of a recorded document.

County Minutes, Ordinances and Resolutions can be retreived by selecting the document type and searching for the date range. At this time, the Minutes, Ordinances and Resolutions are recorded from 2010 forward.

For any additional questions or assistance, please feel free to call 360.337.4935.